My recommended path to level 100 Woodworking.


Item Skill Cap Crystal Materials Note
Pickaxe 2 Fire Bronze Ingot, Maple Lumber Requires Level 5 Smithing
Ash Lumber 8 Wind Ash Log
Willow Lumber 13 Wind Willow Log
Shortbow 15 Wind Grass Cloth, Grass Thread, Willow Lumber
Walnut Lumber 19 Wind Walnut Log
Maple Sugar x3 21 Lightning Maple Log
Elm Lumber 25 Wind Elm Log
Shihei 29 Wind Black Ink, Bast Parchment x2
Oak Lumber 35 Wind Oak Log
Oak Cudgel 41 Wind Oak Lumber desynth it after
Rosewood Lumber 45 Wind Rosewood Log
Mahogany Lumber 51 Wind Mahogany Log
Fastwater Fishing Rod Wind Elm Lumber, Wool Thread desynth it after
Ebony Lumber 61 Wind Ebony Log
Tarutaru Fishing Rod 65 Wind Walnut Lumber, Silk Thread desynth it after
Mahogany Pole 68 Wind Mahogany Lumber x2 desynth it after
Hume Fishing Rod 74 Wind Rosewood Lumber, Silver Thread desynth it after
Clothespole 77 Wind Mahogany Lumber, Silk Thread desynth it after
Battle Staff 85 Wind Steel Ingot, Walnut Lumber x2 desynth it after
Mithran Fishing Rod 87 Wind Rattan Lumber, Rainbow Thread desynth it after
Kabura Arrows 91 Earth Bamboo Stick, Giant Bird Fletchings, Karimata Arrowheads, Ram Horn
Eight Sided Pole 94 Wind Mythril ingot, Walnut lumber x2 Requires level 31 Smithing / desynth it after
Bloodwood Lumber 95 Wind Bloodwood Log
Lacquer Tree Sap 96 Water Lacquer Tree Log
Cythara Anglica 98 Earth Ancient Lumber x2, Ebony Lumber x2, Coeurl Whisker
Lancewood Lumber 99 Wind Lancewood Log
100 Good luck. You'll need Smithing or Goldsmithing, or both for the various 100 items.