Tenshodo Membership

Start NPC

Sutarara - Lower Jeuno (J-7)

Items Needed [1]

Tenshodo Application Form orTenshodo Invite

Title Granted Tenshodo Member
Repeatable No
Reward [2]

Tenshodo Member's Card Tenshodo Invite

Walkthrough Edit

Option 1 (Requires Jeuno Reputation 3)Edit

Option 2 (Does Not Require Jeuno Reputation)Edit


  • The fame requirement is only to start this quest by speaking to the NPC behind the counter. If you can't start the quest by talking to the NPC, just buy the invite from the AH and trade it to her. This completes the quest instantly, even if you do not meet the fame requirement to start the quest. You'll get another invite in exchange.

Game DescriptionEdit

Ghebi Damomohe (Neptune's Spire, Lower Jeuno)
To join the Tenshodo, you need either a membership form or an invitation from a current member.