Phase One Details: Edit

Starting from approximately 50% health, the Shadow Lord will become immune to either physical damage or magical damage/spells. The immunity switches after it takes a certain amount of damage. The current immunity is indicated by the Shadow Lord's stance and behavior, and will end upon defeat of the first form:

  • it is immune to physical attacks when its sword is glowing and it is attacking physically
  • it is immune to magic when it is holding out a glowing fist and attacking only with magic.

Phase One special attacks: Edit

  • Giga Slash: Single target damage
  • Kick Back: Single target damage
  • Umbra Smash: Single target damage
  • Dark Nova: AOE moderate

Phase Two Details: Edit

  • Second form will only use Implosion continuously (approximately every 10 seconds) until its HP reaches 0. The Shadow Lord will move next to whoever has hate, but it will not attack physically or cast any sort of magic in this form.

Further Notes Edit

  • There is no opportunity for your party to rest or recover between the two phases; upon the first phase's defeat and a short cutscene, the second phase will attack your party immediately.
  • A Samurai of at least level 65+ using Sekkanoki and Meikyo Shisui will cause sufficient damage to defeat the second form.
  • Upon the second form reaching 0 HP, he will stay alive for approximately 15 more seconds (during this time it can still be attacked and damaged, but it is not necessary to do so). It will appear to be executing another Implosion, but the animation will differ slightly and it will not damage the party. The animation will then end with the Shadow Lord's defeat.
  • Killable by 6 level 50 players, although it is recommended to be 55+.