Attempt 1 Edit

Did not go to well. Did not have any Wings or Opo Necklaces. Shadowbind stuck for about 3-5 seconds. Hit Maat with Barrage for almost 800 HP then immediately got hit with Maats EES for almost 700HP. Because I was getting hit with shadowbind not sticking I went down really quick...

Attempt 2 will be with full TP at the beginning, maxed marksmanship skill and a HP pot.

Attempt 2 Edit

Went a lot better this time even though I did not beat him. Shadowbind did not stick. Didn't have enough time to do barrage at the end. I am going to try to start with barrage> slug> ees and that should get him.

Attempt 3 Edit

Third time is the charm! Used 3 sleeping potions with opo necklace which brought me to about 1500 TP. Started off with Barrage, got a little over 800 Damage. After I hit him with barrage he EES but misses (woot!). Next Slug shot brought him down to about 5% health. I was trying to finish him off with my EES but I miss too (oye). So with my gun with extremely large delay I start pecking away at him. I get less than 100 HP but I get my last hit and won!

Thank goodness I don't have to do that again... Well until i want a Maat Cap.

Thanks to everyone that helped farm my Testimony's!!! Rav, Iamtwo and Kill, you all have been awesome!